On introspection and choosing another path

In my other life, as a health coach helping people gain a healthier relationship with food while losing weight happily and healthfully, I have recently made a pretty major business decision. It is one of those shifts that is like jumping off of a cliff. It feels like there’s no going back. Like you’ve got to be all in–100% committed–or the scene will look like one from the coyote and roadrunner cartoon.

The thing is, I wasn’t getting anywhere with what I was doing. I was doing everything the marketing people told me to. I was authentic, passionate, and unique. I had an elevator speech. I regularly shared my story with soul-baring honesty. I walked my talk and am a product of the plan I was trying to sell. All I heard were crickets. Could it be that I wasn’t clear about what I was selling? Essentially I was selling myself on the internet. I mean, that’s pretty vague.

Authenticity is one of my core values, so my business plan reflects that. As a result, it is both rigid and fluid, and that might come off as wishy-washy. My compass is my internal barometer, which sometimes causes me to float in circles. I needed a solid plan, but first I had to figure out what was wrong with the other one. Continue reading “On introspection and choosing another path”

Eating Mindfully vs. The Holiday Gorge

I’m sure you are at least superficially aware that diets don’t work. If not, let me give you a pro tip: Diets Don’t Work. They don’t work because they often require a Herculean effort in willpower that is made even more difficult by the simple fact that you’re flipping hungry. You’re hungry because you’re restricting calories and likely, in the process, also cutting out the very things that make you feel satiated (i.e. fat).

Then the holidays come around with endless temptation at every turn, not to mention the lack of sunlight causing seasonal depression, and your family and friends heckling you for being on another silly diet. It’s a recipe for disaster. Consequently, many people give it up entirely for the month of December and start binging on goodies, vowing to start the diet again in the new year. Hence, the holiday gorge. Continue reading “Eating Mindfully vs. The Holiday Gorge”

Aging is optional

While I was at my kid’s swimming lessons this morning, I noticed an older gentleman, probably in his seventies, swimming laps. He was fit. Probably more fit than I am, and certainly a better swimmer than I am. It made me think, what is age anyway?

David Asprey claims that he will live to be 180+. He believes that, with the right nutrition and other lifestyle factors, he can hack his mind and body and increase his longevity (1). He calls this Biohacking. In his book Head Strong, David addresses many factors that affect aging, most notably mitochondrial function. While I could go into this subject in depth, I’m not going to today, because it’s Saturday and we have tickets to the Nutcracker ballet in about an hour. You can pick up a copy of Head Strong and read about it yourself if you are so inclined. Today I will give you a quick little synopsis of anti-aging.

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You Neanderthal

You may have been hearing quite a lot about the ketogenic diet lately. Popular diets such as The Bulletproof Diet, The Primal Blueprint, Primal Fat Burner, and Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy have been making headlines. My goal is to give you information and reliable resources so you can make your own informed decision about this type of diet. These are essentially upgraded versions of the well-known, but largely misunderstood, Atkins Diet and what is commonly known as Paleo or Keto. So what is up with the resurgence of these low-carb diets? Didn’t they already have their day in the sun? Let me clear up some confusion about how these diets work.

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Four Simple Solutions to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Why is the topic of stress so important? Well, who isn’t stressed these days? We are overscheduled, overworked, and overstimulated, we lack time in nature, we lack connection with people around us, and we are so used to being this way that we call this stressed-out state normal. According to the Whitehall II study (1), which followed the lifestyle and mortality of a large number of civil servants in the UK, stress is the number one predictor of total mortality. This study looked at mortality due to several causes. Tobacco use was the biggest predictor of death in those who died of cardiovascular disease, but the largest factor in total mortality was stress. What this means is, you could do everything else right – your diet and exercise can be spot on, you don’t smoke or consume alcohol or eat red meat – but between you and your friend who does all of the bad things and none of the good, you will still die first if you are stressed out all the time and she isn’t.

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Eat well, be well

I got up this morning and felt well rested for the first time in more than a week. Even though I strive for a good night’s sleep every night and believe sleep is one of the cornerstones of health, my routines have been off and quality rest has eluded me. I succumbed to the bright, shiny lights of festival season and my self-care routines took a hit. So, what can I learn from this past week to avoid the feeling of sludge running through my veins, not to mention my guts, and get back to vitality? Let’s rewind the week and take a look. First off, my self-care wasn’t stellar. I did get my exercise in, but my bedtime routine was non-existent, my meditation was cut short or didn’t happen at all, my nutrition was terrible, and I didn’t set boundaries. Consequentially, I was left feeling bloated, tired, crabby, and slightly depressed. Although a lack of attention to self-care was a large part of my problem, my terrible food choices have caused lasting effects, which are still with me. For me, processed foods and alcohol absolutely wreck my dodgy gut, which in turn wrecks…well, everything!

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Farmers Market Finds: Color

This week I went to the Black Hills Farmers Market on Thursday. This was the first time this year that I have gone during the week. The markets during the week are smaller but just as fruitful. So if you drive by and only see a few vendors, stop anyway because it is still worth it. If you are not in the Rapid City area you can still enjoy eating locally. Find a farmers market near you at www.localharvest.org There are so many benefits to eating local. It’s good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for you. You can also learn more about the Black Hills Farmers Market, featured in this blog, at blackhillsfarmersmarket.org Here is this week’s haul:


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Farmers Market Finds: Part 1

This is the first in the series of posts on all of the good things I find at the Black Hills Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday during the growing season here in South Dakota, I intend to visit the local farmer’s market and write about what I find and what I did with my loot. Specifically, I will visit the farmer’s market at least once during the week and publish a review on Saturday or Sunday. Here’s why: I love the farmer’s market. It is important to support our local farmers and ranchers, both for the economy and the environment. It is equally important to consume fresh, local produce and animal products as often as possible. I love this time of year because I can get my entire grocery list at the local farmer’s market. It helps that I like to eat whole food, heavy on the veggies. Here is this week’s haul.

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Find Your Truth

I just got back home from Rochester, MN where my husband had surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Everything went well, thank you, and he is recovering just fine. In the two days I spent observing people in the waiting room and dealing with my own feelings on the matter, I learned a few things. Several things struck me. First, how many sick people there are in the world. Second, how a kind word, a smile, and holding the elevator door open can brighten someone’s day. Also, how hard it is to stay present when the present is unpleasant. Or worse, boring. There are weeks’ worth of blog entries wrapped up in Continue reading “Find Your Truth”

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