Why your life isn’t good enough…yet

It occurred to me the other day that I will never have what I want–what I am striving for–until I become utterly happy with what I already have.

This revelation came to me last week while I unpacked my “sub-standard” vehicle on our first day vacationing at the lake. I found myself lamenting how old, scuffed up, and uncomfortable the car was. Then I caught myself. Was I really on vacation complaining about what I didn’t have? Talk about not being able to appreciate the beautiful forest for the one ugly tree!

Do I want a new car? Sure. But this one had just carried me and my daughter 864+ miles not including a stop in Minneapolis to see the sights. It has since brought us all the way back home, never once disappointing me, never once letting us down, keeping us safe the whole time. Right now it is sitting out there, covered in bugs and waiting to do whatever is next. It’s overdue for an oil change, unwashed, kind of stinky from our 13 hour road trip, yet ever the reliable mode of transportation. Continue reading “Why your life isn’t good enough…yet”

Shoulding on the Holidays, part 2: Expectations​

I look forward to the holidays every year. Just the other day we had our first snowfall and the air took on that touch of that crispiness it has around the holidays. You know, that bite of chill you feel right before the inside of your nose freezes. Suddenly I was thinking of the annual trip my little family takes into the hills to go tree hunting every year. I bought our tickets to the Nutcracker ballet just the other day and we have begun to talk about which Christmas movies we are most looking forward to. The decorations packed away snug in their totes, innocently hibernating until the designated day — because only a psycho gets them out before Thanksgiving. Am I right?

Visions of the ideal holiday with beautiful table settings and glittering lights start to flood our thoughts. We imagine lovely parties full of engaging conversation and holiday spirit—but not too many spirits. Our expectations start to look like a mix between the opening scene of the Nutcracker ballet and the animated version of a Dickens classic. You can almost see the frosty window panes and hear the carols.

Continue reading “Shoulding on the Holidays, part 2: Expectations​”

Fill your cup

“Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do” – Rachel Wolchin

We live in a culture that values busy-ness. When you ask someone how they are doing, they say something like, “I’ve just been so busy,” and you say, “Oh, man! Me, too!” Then you chat for a few minutes about how busy you are and you promise to get together when you’re not so busy, neither one of you expecting that will happen. Then you go about your busy, unfulfilling lives thinking you are living to the best of your ability. When did busy become so normal? We pile up more and more onto our plates, never taking a break until something has to give. Usually, it’s us. Constantly being on the go is very stressful on our bodies. We require balance, and our bodies will seek out that balance regardless of what we have on our to-do list. It would behoove us to learn about setting boundaries with ourselves and others so we can live a healthy, balanced life. Continue reading “Fill your cup”

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