The Solution to a Bad Day: Unconditional Love For the Win

Last Thursday I was working on some of the regular content that I put out every week. I had gotten most of it done and scheduled to publish ahead of time since it was the last full week before school starts and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my little girl. The exception was my newsletter which has to wait until Thursday morning to be finished since that is when my nutrition and physical health blog Nourish Me Wellness publishes. I always share both of my blogs in my weekly newsletter.

I had most of that done, too. I just needed to edit it and add the links for the Nourish Me Wellness Blog and push “send.” When I first logged on, muscle memory (or auto-pilot as we like to say) caused me to create a whole new document instead of clicking on the almost finished email. No biggie. I reversed my direction and got to editing the email that was nearly complete.

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Surround Yourself With Positivity

In order to Do What Can’t Be Done, we use the classic Remove, Replace, Retest, Repeat model to change our mindset of doubt and negativity to one of belief and positivity. Yesterday we Removed the problem (Get Off the Doubt Hamster Wheel). Today we Replace it with positivity.

After removing a pathogen or problematic entity, it is advisable to replace it with something that will encourage health. This helps to take up space that would normally be prime real estate for other bad guys to move back in and cause more problems. Using this model for negative a mindset or lifestyle works in the same way. Once you remove doubt–which never really goes away, it is still lying under cover waiting for an opportunity to butt back in–you have to replace it with a positivity.

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Do What Can’t be Done

When was the first time someone told you that you couldn’t do something? When you learned that you could put things in your mouth at six weeks old? What was your reaction? Well, you put the thing right back in your mouth. You didn’t have a sense that you couldn’t do something. What does that even mean?

Then we moved on to childhood when people are full of encouragement. We hear that we can do anything and that anything is possible. We get coached and positively reinforced to take our first steps or ride a bike. We hear “you can do it” quite often. No one accepts our excuses as to why we can’t do something. No one allows us to accept defeat. We honestly think we can do anything because we’ve never heard otherwise.

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