The Solution to a Bad Day: Unconditional Love For the Win

Last Thursday I was working on some of the regular content that I put out every week. I had gotten most of it done and scheduled to publish ahead of time since it was the last full week before school starts and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my little girl. The exception was my newsletter which has to wait until Thursday morning to be finished since that is when my nutrition and physical health blog Nourish Me Wellness publishes. I always share both of my blogs in my weekly newsletter.

I had most of that done, too. I just needed to edit it and add the links for the Nourish Me Wellness Blog and push “send.” When I first logged on, muscle memory (or auto-pilot as we like to say) caused me to create a whole new document instead of clicking on the almost finished email. No biggie. I reversed my direction and got to editing the email that was nearly complete.

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I Love Myself Most When…I Am Loved By Others

In case you missed the original blog, here’s an excerpt:

When do you love yourself the most? I asked this question to several women all around the world over the last week. I was interested to hear what situations or circumstances inspired them to love themselves. Sometimes I was met with silence, other times with baffled looks…The answers I received to my questions can be categorized into three main groups. These are: I love myself most when I look great, when I am successful, or when I receive love from others. Read more…

After the blog published, I received answers from another category, which is, “I love myself most when I stay true to myself.” This is a great answer, and I think many people will agree that sticking to our own path despite attractive offers to join someone else’s journey is a great way to cultivate love for ourselves. I added this category to my list and we’ll talk more about it later this week.

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Mindful Eating

Welcome to Thanksgiving week, otherwise known as the beginning of the season of gluttony. Yes, Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around the feast. It really is about celebrating food. Giving thanks oftentimes comes in second to what ends up on our plates. Thus, it sets the tone for the remainder of the year. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying it happens.

Many people fill up on the ever-present food this time of year because they feel empty. They hope that they can fill this empty space easily, avoiding confrontation or even thinking, by substituting stuffing and pie for a loving relationship, rewarding career, or creative outlet.

If you are watching what you eat, whether it is in an effort to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this time of year can be difficult, to say the least. There are endless parties, cookie exchanges, ladies’ teas where everyone brings festive treats, friends send boxes of goodies, an endless parade of tempting delights marches through our personal space…you start to think it seems wrong to let all of this fantastic food pass you by. You start to wonder if your enjoyment of the season is being decreased by what increasingly seems like a very restrictive diet. You start to question your motives, stories justifying just one bite float through your head, and you think that maybe taking a holiday from clean eating for the next month is warranted. Your resolve starts to weaken and eventually you run the risk of binging on the very next plate of sugar cookies or gingerbread. If this scenario sounds about right, read on, my friend.

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Shoulding on the Holidays, Part 1: Guilt

Welcome to holiday season pregame. Otherwise known as the week of Halloween. I absolutely love this time of year. I love the festive feeling, the events, decorating the tree, Christmas music, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, turkey dinner…I could go on. I even like dealing with the Elf on the Shelf. Having a little girl in the house makes everything that much better. I do understand that not everyone likes this time of year, though. For many, the holiday season spells added stress and anxiety. I heard someone just the other day say that they were already dreading the long checkout lines and crowded parking lots. My mom has given up on most of the holiday traditions because “It’s a lot of work and what’s the point?” Many people experience a sharp let down when their high expectations of the holiday didn’t turn out exactly right. Others merely tolerate the season with a “meh”, or more appropriately a “humbug”, attitude. If this is supposed to be such a joyous season, why do so many people find it so miserable? How can you enjoy the season and hopefully inspire joy in others at the same time?

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