Why your life isn’t good enough…yet

It occurred to me the other day that I will never have what I want–what I am striving for–until I become utterly happy with what I already have.

This revelation came to me last week while I unpacked my “sub-standard” vehicle on our first day vacationing at the lake. I found myself lamenting how old, scuffed up, and uncomfortable the car was. Then I caught myself. Was I really on vacation complaining about what I didn’t have? Talk about not being able to appreciate the beautiful forest for the one ugly tree!

Do I want a new car? Sure. But this one had just carried me and my daughter 864+ miles not including a stop in Minneapolis to see the sights. It has since brought us all the way back home, never once disappointing me, never once letting us down, keeping us safe the whole time. Right now it is sitting out there, covered in bugs and waiting to do whatever is next. It’s overdue for an oil change, unwashed, kind of stinky from our 13 hour road trip, yet ever the reliable mode of transportation. Continue reading “Why your life isn’t good enough…yet”

How clutter steals your superpowers

I admit it. My house is not museum quality. It is very lived in. Truthfully, I feel like I have better things to do with my time than clean my house. I am famous for walking by a surface, setting something down and continuing on with whatever I am doing. If I don’t follow my current thought, I’m worried that I won’t remember what it is I need to do. However, I have recently been clued into how my tendency toward disorder may be limiting my potential.

When your outside environment is disorganized, your thoughts are, too. Things that are out of place require your brain to do something with them. This causes stress and distraction. Like we need more of that in our lives. Have you noticed that successful people have super clean houses? It isn’t just because they have someone to clean them. Tidy habits carry over into other areas of your life. How you do one thing, you do all things.  Plus, the less clutter in your line of sight, the less distracted you are and the more brain power you can invest in other areas. People with tidy environments also tend to eat better and exercise more regularly. Continue reading “How clutter steals your superpowers”

Shoulding on the Holidays, Part 1: Guilt

Welcome to holiday season pregame. Otherwise known as the week of Halloween. I absolutely love this time of year. I love the festive feeling, the events, decorating the tree, Christmas music, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, turkey dinner…I could go on. I even like dealing with the Elf on the Shelf. Having a little girl in the house makes everything that much better. I do understand that not everyone likes this time of year, though. For many, the holiday season spells added stress and anxiety. I heard someone just the other day say that they were already dreading the long checkout lines and crowded parking lots. My mom has given up on most of the holiday traditions because “It’s a lot of work and what’s the point?” Many people experience a sharp let down when their high expectations of the holiday didn’t turn out exactly right. Others merely tolerate the season with a “meh”, or more appropriately a “humbug”, attitude. If this is supposed to be such a joyous season, why do so many people find it so miserable? How can you enjoy the season and hopefully inspire joy in others at the same time?

Continue reading “Shoulding on the Holidays, Part 1: Guilt”

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