The Solution to a Bad Day: Unconditional Love For the Win

Last Thursday I was working on some of the regular content that I put out every week. I had gotten most of it done and scheduled to publish ahead of time since it was the last full week before school starts and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my little girl. The exception was my newsletter which has to wait until Thursday morning to be finished since that is when my nutrition and physical health blog Nourish Me Wellness publishes. I always share both of my blogs in my weekly newsletter.

I had most of that done, too. I just needed to edit it and add the links for the Nourish Me Wellness Blog and push “send.” When I first logged on, muscle memory (or auto-pilot as we like to say) caused me to create a whole new document instead of clicking on the almost finished email. No biggie. I reversed my direction and got to editing the email that was nearly complete.

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Why I Hate the 4th of July

Don’t get me wrong, I feel patriotic and respectful towards my country. I am not a hater of America. I am a hater of the 4th of July.

Every year my neighborhood turns into a war zone. Despite the fact that we live within the city limits where fireworks are prohibited, people insist on shooting off the noisy, wildfire inducing, messy things. They do it with abandon, without regard to safety, and rarely clean up the resulting debris. Otherwise reasonable, fairly level-headed people turn into crazed pyromaniacs. It isn’t about patriotism, it’s about blowing shit up. Worse, it lasts for a solid week and a half.

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How to live fully

Last week, I spent every day having mini adventures with my little girl. It’s summertime, and we live in an area that people flock to for their summer vacations. So we played tourist. We went to museums, animal parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, educational centers, Custer State Park, Sylvan Lake, and a handful of hiking trails around the Black Hills. It was beyond awesome to hang out with her. What a fantastic hands-on workshop on how to have a child-like mind from the master!

The art of living with abandon

When hanging with a child, it is important to leave your ego and ideas about time behind. Focus on the fun that is to be had rather than a task to be completed. These important concepts may not sound practical or useful for your adult life, but I beg to differ. Here are lessons I learned from my child about how to live fully. Continue reading “How to live fully”

Don’t Watch Bambi on Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and a digital detox day for me. We did brunch at home, shopped for planter supplies, and planted a few flowers in the morning. In the afternoon we settled in to watch some movies and rest. In paging through our available kid-friendly movie selection, we ran across Bambi. I said, “Hey, we haven’t seen this one for awhile, want to watch it?” My little agreed, so we settled in.

It didn’t take long for her to ask, “Is this where he loses his mother?” A question that would be repeated several times throughout the movie.

What mother hasn’t contemplated what her child’s life would be like without her? Isn’t it this thought that keeps us from running off to a tropical island on days we’ve had enough? Kids make us show up. Especially little kids. They make us be present. Because what if I wasn’t there one day? How would that affect her? Continue reading “Don’t Watch Bambi on Mother’s Day”

Bikes and Tantrums

Who has freaked out on their kids lately? Be honest, there’s no judgment here. I did it just yesterday. It was the ugly, uncalled for, bad example of how to deal with frustration type of freaking out. That was me. Yes, the person who is always here talking to you about positivity and gratitude and being present. I talk about all of this stuff because I need to hear it myself. Tantrum was actually yesterday’s daily prompt, but it is extremely apropos for what I need to write about today. Here’s what happened…

My kid is five, almost six, and can’t ride a bike. This is completely my fault. It hasn’t been a priority. When we are outside playing, which is often, we are usually swimming, hiking, on the playground, climbing, or doing something in the dirt. Biking isn’t something I like to do much, so it isn’t something I have modeled for her or helped her learn. Still, it is a basic skill that everyone should learn. So we agonize over it every so often.

Since we’re so close to it being summer here, I thought I would bring the bike out for another test run. First off, her Hello Kitty bike is getting a little too small for her. I have raised the seat and the handlebars to near capacity, but it isn’t quite enough. Second, we live on somewhat of a hill. Our sidewalk slopes to a busy street, as does our very quiet, dead-end street. The sidewalk seemed too steep for her, so I brought her out into the street where she could ride around in a gentle circle. It’s safe because the street ends three feet past our driveway.

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Self-Care: Get Outside

Yesterday was one of those truly magnificent days. It was the first really nice day we have had in months and I spent the whole day outside with my 5-year-old daughter. In this part of the world, we have been not so patiently waiting for spring. Yet winter drones on. We are expecting “rain/snow mix” tomorrow, so I have no regrets about having forgotten all of my responsibilities and played hooky yesterday.

You see, self-care isn’t always a spa day or an extensive morning routine. Self-care is what you need to support yourself right now. Maybe you need a few deep breaths to calm yourself down in traffic. Maybe a nap is in order, or a walk outside. Maybe just sitting quietly for a few minutes with a cup of tea is what you need. It doesn’t have to be the same things all of the time. Maybe you need to shake things up. Self-care for me yesterday was forgetting all the things I was supposed to do and spend the day outside hanging out with my little girl.

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Self-care For Busy Parents

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to commit to a morning routine. How you start your day directly influences how the rest of your day goes. Start with a nourishing routine and see how grounded you are for the rest of the day. Start your day by pushing your snooze button until the last minute and then running around frazzled all morning and see how that day pans out. Get my drift?

A few days ago I read a post on my mentor’s Facebook group feed from a lovely lady who was trying her very best to nail down an uplifting morning routine. Her obstacle was, as it is for many of us, an early waking child. She was unable to get into a routine because her child would wake at 5:30 am. Kids, God love them, have a sixth sense about these sort of things. All you want is five minutes alone to meditate or do a sun salutation and there they are demanding breakfast. What is the solution? Get up even earlier? Give the kid an iPad and tell him to be quiet for half an hour? Take a no prisoners approach and get the morning routine done no matter what, even in the face of a bawling kid?

Life happens, let’s face it. Many of the self-care practices we “should” do every day take a certain amount of alone time. When you’re a working parent you don’t get a lot of that, at least not on your schedule. This means you have to make adjustments to your schedule.

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The Inessential and Mr. Fox

“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Fox

How have I missed reading The Little Prince? Up until now, it has not been on my radar at all. I watched the animated version on Netflix just last night. It was captivating. Not only is it beautifully animated, its observations on the human condition are profound.

This story reminds us that the daily essentials we have trapped ourselves in aren’t true at all, but the shell of truth. What is important is not what we see, it’s what we feel. That is where the truth lies. Children know this. Adults have forgotten it.

It is outside appearance that matters in the grown-up world. Love and beauty are seen as inessential and frivolous next to work and practicality. Sadly, work is considered more important than love. Don’t forget that the fact you were senior vice president of operations and worked late every evening won’t be mentioned at your funeral. The difference you made in people’s lives will be. It is possible to balance responsibility (the shell) and heart (the inner world of wonder and wisdom). In fact, it is necessary.

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