On introspection and choosing another path

In my other life, as a health coach helping people gain a healthier relationship with food while losing weight happily and healthfully, I have recently made a pretty major business decision. It is one of those shifts that is like jumping off of a cliff. It feels like there’s no going back. Like you’ve got to be all in–100% committed–or the scene will look like one from the coyote and roadrunner cartoon.

The thing is, I wasn’t getting anywhere with what I was doing. I was doing everything the marketing people told me to. I was authentic, passionate, and unique. I had an elevator speech. I regularly shared my story with soul-baring honesty. I walked my talk and am a product of the plan I was trying to sell. All I heard were crickets. Could it be that I wasn’t clear about what I was selling? Essentially I was selling myself on the internet. I mean, that’s pretty vague.

Authenticity is one of my core values, so my business plan reflects that. As a result, it is both rigid and fluid, and that might come off as wishy-washy. My compass is my internal barometer, which sometimes causes me to float in circles. I needed a solid plan, but first I had to figure out what was wrong with the other one.

Honest self-reflection is always hard, but it is a necessary part of growth. If we’re going to grow, we have to admit what we’re doing wrong with self-less brutality. No ego allowed here. How many of us blindly continue down the path we have chosen, never looking right or left, simply because this is the path we have decided to take? It could be that this path leads straight off a cliff, and we’ll follow it till the end because we were too stubborn to consider another way. What if the other way is full of fortune or beauty, but we ignore it because it isn’t the path we expected?

After some pretty hard-core introspection, I realized that I was trying to talk to people who were at step one as if they were at step 14. My desire to be authentic and to walk my talk inadvertently lead me to talk incessantly about what I was doing. Share your story, they said. People will relate, they said. Of course, I didn’t start here. I started with the very basics and gradually worked my way up. So I was at level 14, but my prospective clients were at level 1. Trying to convince beginners to start at level 14 was nonsense. I wouldn’t have done it either. I needed to reverse engineer my success and talk about where I started.

My prospective clients needed quality education on the basics of nutrition and mindset–in other words a solid step one–so they would have the right information to find their own path. Which may be very different from mine. I think this was always my intention, but it wasn’t coming through.

A plan began to form in my head. An online class, series of webinars, email series…all of these things floated through my head in an endless parade. The enormity of what was possible and what needed to be organized was overwhelming. When I began to systematically tackle a few of the more doable tasks, I began to run up against obstacles. Some of them were self-limiting beliefs (my inner mean girl still talks pretty loudly in times like this), some of them were technology limitations, others were simply logistics.

I grew very frustrated and honestly pretty down-hearted.

The best solution to feelings like this, I have found, is more introspection. The answers are always there, within you. You just need to listen to them. Sometimes the answers aren’t what you expect them to be, so having an open mind and the ability to honestly explore every avenue presented is vital to your success.

What came of all of this

What presented themselves through introspection were two programs that I had personally used at separate times in the past to help myself level up. I reengaged in these programs to see if either of them resonated with what I wanted to accomplish. Consequentially, in the past few weeks, I have done a 60-hour fast, started a new exercise program, and completed a program in weight loss and basic nutrition.

I marinated everything and waited to see what rose to the surface.

The result was a program called 2B Mindset. It had everything I was looking for. It was flexible, scalable, and simple. It used some of my core concepts like bio-individuality (everyone is different), the plate, eat more veggies, and water first.

My one hang up was that nagging habit I have of being authentic and walking my talk. What about the low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diet model I personally follow? After all, if I can’t be a product of the plan, can I really endorse it?

Again, I had to go back to when I started. I didn’t start my health journey on a LCHF diet. I started exactly where this program teaches people to start and worked my way up from there. What is more important than the specifics of the diet, after all, are the concepts and mindsets behind it. When people start with basic education about nutrition, learn to read labels, understand the importance of water and vegetables, and learn to consistently track what works and what doesn’t work for them over time, they can use these tools to find their own path–one suited to them, not me.

Thus, my 2B Nourished Success Group was created. It uses the 2B Mindset videos, written materials, and mobile app (I mean, there is no way I could have offered a mobile app on my own) and my support, holistic coaching methods, and accountability all wrapped up in a community of like-minded people going through the same program. I add in counseling on things like sleep, stress-reduction, tips on how to implement concepts into your busy life, ways to succeed with food sensitivities, allergies, and dietary preferences, optional extra credit activities, and insightful, timely answers to questions.

How it works

I have broken the 2B Mindset materials down into an introductory week, 7 core modules, and a follow-up week all of which will be completed within 25 days. The actual time commitment for this month of transformation is minimal and self-paced. I guide participants through each group of videos, with additional explanation, an opportunity for questions, and suggested homework activities designed to enhance the experience and make the information come alive.

I know you’re interested in joining. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Learn more about the program itself here. You have to read the creator’s story!
  2. Purchase a 2B Mindset kit or challenge pack. Contact me about choosing the right option for you. My contact information is on the upper left-hand corner of the 2B Mindset page (please send a text or email) or you can message me through Facebook Messenger.
  3. Contact me (if you haven’t already) or ask to join the 2B Nourished Success Group for free on Facebook. Once your purchase is finalized, you will be allowed into the group. It officially begins on September 3. Let me know if you don’t have Facebook.

Once you purchase the program, it is yours and you get to keep it for life. Which is great, because you will be able to use the information for life. My 2B Nourished Success Group, with all of the added benefits above, is free with your purchase of the 2B Mindset program! The group officially begins on September 3 and ends September 28. Check out the 2B Mindset program, read what people are saying about it, and please ask questions, but don’t wait too long. The 2B Mindset program is $20 off until September 3, and the 2B Nourished Success Group is limited to 20 people. Secure your spot now by clicking below.

2B Nourished Success Group Ad

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