Vacation Blog: Ways to Be Instantly Happier

I generally walk my talk. One of the things I talk quite a lot about is taking time out for self-care. This includes being present, taking a break from electronics, and giving yourself permission to enjoy downtime. Therefore, I am not working during my vacation this week. This means no original blog. I do, however, have a fantastic one from Anthony Moore on how you can achieve happiness today. I hope you find it valuable.

Want to Be Instantly Happier Than 90% of Other People? Read This Immediately.

by Anthony Moore

This is why most people aren’t happy

Most people only ever give partial attention to the most important areas of their life.

This is why most people:

Happiness isn’t “success;” there are countless “successful” people who live terribly imbalanced and empty lives.

Happiness isn’t achievement, accomplishment, or a state of being you finally “arrive” at. You can never do enough, or the right thing, so that you finally feel like you’re complete.

Happiness is a natural result of doing what you’re supposed to do.

Happiness and fulfillment aren’t easy concepts, but they’re simple. Achieving happiness is a natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals of focus, generosity, and healthy boundaries — all of which you can start doing immediately.

Want to be instantly happier than 90% of people? Then keep reading.

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