Wait For It…

Often, we want to rush success. Whether it’s a business goal, weight loss number, or fitness benchmark, the end result is all that seems to matter. Eye on the prize and all that. And yeah, the goal is important. When we think back, however, often we realize that the journey is what taught us the lessons and was the most enjoyable part. Compared to the journey, the goal is a bit of a letdown.

We hear it all the time, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” I think this rings true in wellness. There really isn’t an end goal where wellness is concerned. It really is all journey, with little benches along the path to sit and reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re going.

But sometimes we just want to get there already! We do live in a culture of instant gratification. Want to lose 10 pounds? Take this pill. Want to quickly accelerate through the ranks? Here’s your fast track to success. Don’t have the money? Here’s a credit card. When we take the easy road, we lose the benefit of the journey. Since the journey is the important part, with all of the lessons and work necessary for lasting results, the goal you reach will not be as solid or as epic as the same goal that you put in the time and effort working towards.

Think of the tree buds just busting to open. Everything they need is in place to leaf out for spring. But if they jump on the fast track and open before the time is right, the leaves will freeze and the tree will suffer. They have to store up their energy and wait until the time is right. They have to trust their inner wisdom that says the random warm day in March isn’t what they have been promised.

What would happen if you got that end result right now, out of the box? The job offer of a lifetime comes up or you’re noticed by a network TV guru who wants to interview you. Do you have a body of work to draw upon to make your resume or interview interesting? Have you developed and pinpointed your niche? Are you clear on what you are selling? Are you clear on your message? If not, that interview is going to fall flat.

This wouldn’t be a failure, though. Just a sign that you need to do some work to get to where you need to be first. Everything happens in its own time. All you need is patience.

Honoring the journey requires you to build up your body of work so you have something to show the prospective client, or person interviewing you for a job, or the publishing company. Climbing the ladder rung by rung allows you to slowly build up to epic status. If you skip a bunch of steps, you will have farther to fall backward than if you conquered each step along the way.

Understand that if it is supposed to happen, it will–given enough time and effort. Have patience and faith that everything will work out in its own time. If you haven’t reached your goal, you must have more to learn. That doesn’t mean that you can just sit around and wait for something to happen. Work in the direction you want to go and be ready to seize your moment when it arrives.

5 things you can do while you’re waiting

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stay in your own lane, and resist looking at the other drivers. What they’re doing is none of your business. Plus, it does no good to compare your step one to their step twenty-four.
  2. Let go of expectations. The universe works in mysterious ways. Trust that you will reach your goal if you remain open to it and do the work to call it in. How it happens, though is not up to you. I have wanted to be a writer from a young age. I expected to be a fiction writer, but I’m good with being a health and wellness writer. If I can help people with my writing, it’s all good.
  3. Stay the course. Patience is hard. It takes a long time. Trust the process and keep on keeping on.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. This is where your body of work gets made. If you’re a writer, write every day. If you’re a website designer, create every day. In this way, when Opportunity comes knocking you’ll have something to show off.
  5. Do your best every day. Strive to be your best self at all times. Your integrity and reputation are built on everyday encounters, not only on major business deals or official meetings.
  6. Bonus tip: Be grateful. Be grateful for everything you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. While you’re at it, practice being grateful for achieving your goal as if it has already happened. The universe loves gratitude and will reward your effort!

If you find this useful, there’s a good chance your friends will, too. Share this with your friends right away while you are thinking of it. Thanks for reading!

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via Daily Prompt: Patience

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