Retest by Doing

For the final step in our Remove, Replace, Retest, Repeat model we get off the bench and start doing. This is when we see if all of the work we have done up to this point has been effective. Keep in mind that doubt will always be there. It waits patiently for an opportunity to crash the party. If you have taken the time to cultivate the belief in yourself, your belief can crowd the doubt out.

The thing about doubt is that you will find no limit to its resources. Doubt has a big team and a bigger cheering squad. Once it gets in, you will find evidence of its truth everywhere. You will start to believe that you can’t. Doubt may have a bigger team, but belief is stronger. Read more from Monday’s post Do What Can’t be done

So get out there and follow your dream! Anytime you hear your inner voice try to talk you out of something, stop and evaluate that feeling. Is it keeping you safe or is it keeping you from achieving your dream? The answer may depend on how strong your Why is. If you start to justify your actions or come up with reasons not to do this thing, I’m guessing you have moved into Can’t Land and are hanging with Doubt.

Are you blaming outside circumstances for your inability to reach your potential? Does “If only…” frequent your vocabulary? How about, “When I lose 10 pounds…” or “I don’t have enough training”? Circumstances will never be perfect. There will always be people who don’t believe in you. Things you have no control over will foil your plans. Letting these things keep you from working towards your dream is weak. These are excuses. Maybe something is standing in your way. So, redirect and try again.

Perfection is the killer of progress. If you wait for the perfect time or the perfect set of circumstances it will never happen.

One of the Olympic figure skaters lived in his coach’s basement and collected apples from his gym because he didn’t have enough money to survive and still train. He is now in contention to medal. What about Shaun White after he rearranged his face on the edge of the halfpipe less than a year ago? Do you think he had doubts about coming back? You bet. Nevertheless, he won gold a few days ago. Lindsey Vonn is scheduled to take her turn on the slopes today. She has a long history of injury and horrific wrecks on the slopes. Do you think she is doubt-free? Well, maybe she is, but she would be the only one.

Anytime I have an idea that is out of my comfort zone, doubt is the first thing to pop up. “Hey! Remember me? It’s been awhile. Let’s talk about all of the reasons why you can’t do this.” The difference now is that I can anticipate its arrival and can identify these thoughts before they take over. This allows me to break my idea down into manageable steps that become achievable goals.

So get out there and start on your journey! Don’t worry if you have reservations at first. It is just like when you were a kid standing on the diving board. You’re looking down at the water, shivering, unsure whether you want to jump. It’s scary. But how good do you feel when you do it? You will want to do it six more times!

When you get out there and start actually doing what you’ve been thinking about, you may find that it isn’t actually what you want to do at all. Maybe your dream was only a step towards your true purpose. That’s ok. Back up, redirect, and keep going. The trick is to take a little different path than you did last time. Also, how your dream happens is not necessarily up to you. Be open to paths that you didn’t consider at first. Trust that this will allow you to achieve your goal or something even better.

If you feel doubt creeping in–and it will–take a step back, show yourself some love, and Repeat the model we have been following this week. Remove doubt by getting off the hamster wheel, Replace it by surrounding yourself with positivity and nurturing belief in yourself. Then Retest by doing. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it!

At some point and time, you just have to let the negative stuff go or stay in the same place forever. If you wait until you feel ready or until you have fixed yourself, you will never get off the starting line. Take a deep breath and go for it. Be willing to fail, learn, and fail again. Each time you put yourself out there you will learn that it isn’t that big of a deal and will want to go bigger the next time.

If you find this useful, there’s a good chance your friends will, too. Share this with your friends right away while you are thinking of it. Thanks for reading!

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