Get Off the Doubt Hamster Wheel

You hear you can’t, you think you can’t, you look for reasons why you can’t, what you look for you’ll find, repeat. This is the Doubt Hamster Wheel. It takes you nowhere and it’s hard to get off. In fact, in order to get off, you might have to fall. That is, give up everything you know right now and start over fresh.

This may hurt. It may involve changing jobs, ending relationships, giving up habits, or moving. I didn’t say it would be easy. This is the Remove step in our Remove, Replace, Retest, Repeat model. In order to change, you have to remove what isn’t working for you or what is holding you back. Sometimes that is merely a mindset, sometimes it is an entire lifestyle complete with other people, a house, and a job.

The thing about doubt is that you will find no limit to its resources. Doubt has a big team and a bigger cheering squad. Once it gets in, you will find evidence of its truth everywhere. You will start to believe that you can’t. Doubt may have a bigger team, but belief is stronger.

This is how limiting beliefs are conceived, and we all have them. Fortunately, they can be overcome.

Doubt is big, it’s true. It is strong and manipulative, sneaky even, and doesn’t like to be ignored. Belief is strong and it can work against you, also true. But belief can also work for us. Belief is stronger than doubt. What we believe to be true will be true, without a doubt. If we can harness belief’s power and turn it into something that works for us, we can be unstoppable. Read more from yesterday’s blog…

You will find many reasons to stay on the hamster wheel of doubt and maybe only one reason to get off. Your reason to take the first step off of the hamster wheel is your Why. How big is your Why? Is it bigger than all of the things that are holding you back? If it is, you will succeed.

Step one is discovering your Why. This is your reason for wanting to succeed. Get clarity around your goal. How do you want to feel? Why? What do you want out of your life? Really dig deep and find answers to these. Every time you come up with an answer ask yourself Why? The more clear you get about what you want and where you want to be, the stronger your why will be. This doesn’t have to revolve around your business goals. You could have health goals, mindset goals, relationship goals, or lifestyle goals.

Step Two: Jump. This step is literally a leap of faith. You have to find enough belief in yourself that you take that first step out into thin air. You have to believe that you can fly…or at least land somewhere soft. We will talk about this step more on Thursday in the Retest by Doing step, but it is just like when you were a kid standing on the diving board. You’re looking down at the water, shivering, unsure whether you want to jump. It’s scary. But how good do you feel when you do it?

Honestly, most people don’t ever get off the wheel. Most people choose the drab comfort and familiarity of the wheel over the bright and shiny, but scary, possibility of fulfillment. So they stay at the job that sucks the life out of them or the relationship that chips away at their soul. These are the things people on their deathbeds regret the most. Unfulfilled possibility. Unrealized potential.

Come back tomorrow for the Replace step…Surround Yourself With Positivity.

If you find this useful, there’s a good chance your friends will, too. Share this with your friends right away while you are thinking of it. Thanks for reading!

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