Live Your Purpose

When you look at the insides of an old watch and see the gears and springs working together in perfect harmony, do you notice an insignificant piece? Look for the tiniest pin inside that watch. Do you think the watch would work without it? What if that pin decided not to do its job today because it thought that its tiny purpose was unimportant? Do you think the watch would still work?

We are all important and unique. Everyone has a job to do to make the world a better place. Some people are politicians, some are charity workers, some choose retail business, others service. Just like the gears and springs that make the watch work, each of us is necessary to make the world work. The thing is, we all have to find our place. You don’t expect a spring to do the work of a gear and feel successful and fulfilled.

Everyone has their own unique calling. How do you know what that is? Your calling is what gets you out of bed in the morning. It is what gives your life meaning, your driving force. It’s probably your plan A that didn’t work out so you’re living your plan B life to pay the rent. It is that thing that you would do even if you didn’t get paid. That thing that you can’t stop talking about. It is your contribution to the world. Once you have an abstract idea of what that is, ask yourself, “How can this help others?”

Last week I created a vision board for this year. I was inspired by several ladies in business who made them and it looked like a useful exercise to get inside and stir up what is in there. When creating a vision board, it is important to go deep. What is in there that is begging to get out? What do you really want to do? Not what your mom wants you to do. Not what your boyfriend wants you to do. What inspires you? What gets you excited? Then go out and find images to represent that. You can see my vision board at

My driving force is to empower women to make mindful choices for epic whole body wellness. It’s the tagline for my business. My elevator speech. Do you have an elevator speech? You know, the short description of what you do for a living that makes people want to know more. It’s another way to zero in on your purpose. In order to write it, you have to look underneath several layers and ask yourself questions. Where is your heart? What do you truly want to do? Concentrate that, take out all of the non-essential pieces, and come up with a sentence that describes what is in your heart.

Then you have to own it. Your purpose is important and unique. No one else can do it like you. Even if many other people are in your same profession or have a similar purpose, yours is unique because you are doing it. No one can do what you do quite the way you can. Own your purpose and carve a niche around it. Don’t meekly proclaim that you might want to maybe try to do something. Do or do not! Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how to do every piece. Own that niche and put your all into it. That is where your brand starts if you are creating a business, or your identity if you are creating a lifestyle. If you have found your true driving force, no one can even come close to your energy and enthusiasm.

What lights you up? Figure out how to get more of that in your life. Maybe it doesn’t become your livelihood right away. Maybe it’s your side hustle, or maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe it is your way of life. A stay at home mom who is excited and fulfilled by her life has as just as much to contribute to the world as a high-powered CEO. Maybe you inspire others. A person who travels the world and blogs about her experience may enlighten others about things they didn’t know existed. This may start a ripple effect that leads to a more tolerant world. Let your excitement shine in some fashion and start making your contribution. It isn’t just nice for you, it is your karmic duty to contribute your unique talent to humanity.

Still have no idea what your true calling is? That’s okay. Get out there and experience some things outside the walls of your office cubicle. Be open to things that might not be attractive to others. Love to knit? Make some prayer shawls for your church or scarves for the homeless. Do you make jewelry to relax at the end of the day? Start an Etsy shop or donate them to a senior center. Offer to teach kids your craft at an after-school program. Love to cook? Create some dishes and start a recipe blog. Hate all of those things? You must like to read if you’ve gotten this far. What do you like to read about? How can that help others? Start somewhere and build from there. Your purpose grows with you. I didn’t even know my purpose existed a few years ago and didn’t believe I was capable of doing what I’m doing now at this time last year.

Your purpose doesn’t have to involve starting a business. Maybe what lights you up are your epic weekend backpacking trips or the flying trapeze lessons you take after work. Share your experiences with others. Start a community if that’s what you’re called to do. Join a community to connect with others or blog about your solo adventures. Inspire others with your purpose.

Collaborating with others, or at least telling others what you are up to, allows your voice to be heard. If you are living true to your purpose you aren’t competing with people in the same field, but working with them for the greater good. You know that each person in your group has something unique to offer. Your clients or customers will be drawn to the person whom they feel most connected with. This is why marketing professionals advise to identify a target audience and speak only to them. These are your people. The people you can best serve with your specific ability and talent. Not everyone is going to like what you say. That’s okay. They might like what the other person in your group has to say better. That’s okay. That means you are free to serve the people who do identify with you.

By reflecting on where you are and where you want to be, you can identify your true purpose and begin living a fulfilling life. This involves sitting down and connecting with yourself. Go deep. Don’t ignore “silly” ideas that come to the surface. Your true calling is what fills you up, gets you excited, and starts you talking. Don’t worry if it seems small or insignificant. It’s what you want to shout from the rooftops and do every day. It is what you contribute to the world. It is what you will most regret if you deny yourself the beauty of living true to yourself.

If you find this useful, there’s a good chance your friends will, too. Share this with your friends right away while you are thinking of it. Thanks for reading!

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