Don’t settle for meager returns

I just read an email from Tom Bilyeu at Impact Theory. It said,

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. Why? Because it’s a time of year where the whole world has decided they’re going to allow themselves to feel joyful even though it’s literally the coldest, darkest time of year.

If I had to guess, that’s exactly why so many cultures have massive mid-winter celebrations. They needed something to combat the emotional doldrums that come with the winter weather.

The point the rest of the email made was that you can change your emotional state based on how you think. Because we associate this time of year with tradition and parties, warm drinks and camaraderie, we manufacture joy. Everything is shiny and bright. Plus we reinforce that feeling by surrounding ourselves with it. Decorations are everywhere, Christmas music is inescapable, bells are ringing, cookie trays are unavoidable, and I can’t get my kid out of her Christmas jammies. All of this adds up to a joyous experience.

What if we brought this kind of single-minded spirit to our goals every day? If our goals were filled with love and positivity and a can-do, enthusiastic attitude? We would be knocking it out of the park. Rather than being okay with meager returns we could be living the life of our dreams. So I ask you to take this lesson to heart and make the effort to create a life that you want to live. Realize that you can make a change, decide how you want to live, focus on that feeling, and surround yourself with people who think similarly.

First, believing you have the ability to change really is the first step. If you believe something is possible and the opportunity arises, you are set to take advantage of that opportunity. If you do not believe something is possible and the opportunity arises, that opportunity won’t even be noticed. It won’t be on your radar because it is outside of your scope of belief. Therefore, you’re right. It isn’t possible. Because you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Second, you have to imagine the life you want to live. This is where a vision board, intentions, or affirmations come in handy. You visualize the life you want to live and make goals to reach that height. Decide specifically where you want to be and who you are when you are there.

Then, focus your attention on your goal. Become that person. How does it feel to be that person? Of course, you are still you, but you are the best version of you possible. Maybe your goal is to simply enjoy yourself at the office Christmas party. Focus on what makes you happy. Reframe the boring, stuffy party into an opportunity. Remember that your actions will speak volumes at the office party, so keep your head about you. Any situation can be good or bad depending on your frame of mind…which you have complete control over.

Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people that reinforce your commitment to your goal. Kick the negative people and nay-sayers to the curb. If they aren’t supporting your vision, you don’t need them. Sound harsh? Well, maybe. But think of this, how many times have you been super excited about something only to share it with someone you trust and they completely crush your soul with their reaction? Can you still succeed? Sure, but you probably aren’t as confident. I have entirely given up on ideas based on what my trusted friends have said about my “silly ideas”. If you keep running into negative opinion after negative opinion it is eventually going to wear you down. Luckily there are tons of fantastic online communities full of knowledgeable and supportive people. Likely there is one in your area of interest.

Be sure to visit Impact Theory to learn more about deciding to succeed and working toward your goals. Their tagline is “igniting human potential.” Isn’t that great? There are tons of useful and inspiring stories on there to help you think big and become the best version of you!

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