Chasing Happiness

We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. – Unknown

What would it take for you to become wildly successful? Reach way down and find your most audacious dreams. Not the stuff you are supposed to want like money, cars, the big house. I mean your real dreams, the ones you maybe haven’t even mentioned to anyone because they seem too ambitious. Perhaps you’ve even packed them away in a box labeled “unrealistic”. Unpack them, blow the dust off, and take a close look. What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams? Connections? Money? Some agent to discover you in the grocery store and turn you into a star? Maybe you think you’re too old, or don’t have the education, or are in the wrong economic class.

Those, my friends are limiting beliefs. I have even heard them called, appropriately, B.S. Which stands for Belief System, or the other thing it stands for works well, too. When you believe your own B.S. you are the reason your dreams will never come true. You are standing in your way. Which is good, because when you are your biggest problem you can fix it. All you need is belief and a dogged, relentless, sometimes creative drive. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this or never do anything about it.

For an excellent (and super short) read about The Pursuit of Happyness and dreaming in a childlike way – I really couldn’t have said it better myself – see

Belief Systems are funny things. They can work for or against you. If you truly believe something is possible, you will make it happen. Belief Systems can be fear based or love based. Those based on fear are limiting. Those based on love are empowering. I have gotten pretty good at recognizing when my B.S. is getting in my way.

It actually happens quite often that I unconsciously limit myself out of fear of failure, but I don’t let those thoughts deter me anymore. I go for it. My current rule is that if there is an opportunity to increase my exposure and attract more readers I do it. I say yes, send the email, or submit the form to make it happen. Then I put in the work to make my contribution the absolute best it can be because I believe in quality every time. You can do it too. You just have to change your mind.

I am in the business of empowering women to achieve epic wellness and I encounter B.S. every day. People afford what they want to afford based on their Belief System. Women often tell me they can’t afford quality food or a health coach when they have the newest, most fashionable shoes and handbags. They also tell me they can’t afford the time or effort it takes to invest in their health, that is until their body breaks down and they are forced to take the time. It’s a matter of priority. I get it. We’re busy people. Money is tight and so is time. Get really clear on your goal, though. How can you reinvest your money and time to maximize what you spend pursuing your goal? I’m guessing, if you are really ruthless, you can find a way.

Maybe you’re waiting for someone else to make your dreams come true Disney princess style. Folks, we all know this is B.S. No one is going to be calling you with an offer of a dream job unless you did the work to set that up for yourself. Still, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t occasionally think, “If someone could only open this door I could be successful.” Luckily I have realized that the door is there for me to open. It helps me to grow. I can open it myself. Which is great, because I’m pretty sure a prince is not showing up on my doorstep anytime soon.

I ask again, what is holding you back from realizing your dreams? What if every obstacle you can think of was removed? Would you go after your dreams then? Many people still find obstacles to place between them and their goal. If you don’t want it badly enough to reach your dream despite your obstacles, you will likely not bother to pursue it when the obstacles are removed. In order to grow, we need to face challenges. If we were never challenged there would be no reason to grow. It’s easy to stay where you are. Maybe you’re miserable, but you’re comfortable, and improving is so hard. That is fear talking.

What if you did achieve your goal…what then? Now you have your dream [job, position, state of glowing health, insert your dream here]. Now what? This is what many people fear. They have been dreaming of this thing, making sacrifices, putting in the work, and now…Now you get to come up with a new dream. Now you’re a successful [writer, singer, lion tamer, llama farmer, whatever] and you can help others achieve their dreams, or use your new-found clout as a catalyst for change, or just be inspirational by being the best version of you possible!

You will find a way to afford that coach to help you succeed. You will find a way to stick to your goal when everyone else quits. You will find a way when it seems there is no possible way to cross the divide. You will find it or create it. Because now you can recognize when you are holding yourself back and you can make your Belief System work for you.

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  1. Love everything about this. Once I had the courage to challenge my BS my life changed. I’m taking you up on saying yes to things that are good for you. Are you interested in a collaboration? I don’t see contact info but you know where to find me. 😉 Thank you for the lovely mention ❤


  2. We all have so many limiting beliefs that we don’t even realize they are there. Once we can identify them, we can change them and take action. Your blog gives us all hope into achieving our dreams and following our passion.


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