Of Alcohol and Infestation

On Sundays, I write what comes to mind, free thought, a flow of conscious writing. It may be incoherent to many people, but it may make total sense and be helpful to some. Tune in on Sunday to go down the rabbit hole with me.

This is a much later post than usual. I am normally a morning writer and lose much of my edge and want-to spirit by the time evening comes around. That, and by the time it is evening here most of my readers are in bed. So why even bother? This weekend got strange for me and I missed out on writing yesterday and today. It is my goal to write every day, and I let myself down. I know what my excuse was, and although I feel it was a justified day and a half off, I still don’t like to skip out on a goal. I like to hold myself accountable and show up for myself. Anyway, here’s what happened.

I had too much wine on Friday night. I don’t drink much anymore. There was a time that I could hang with the best of them, but that time is over. I wasn’t out at a holiday party or celebrating anything. We were just sitting at home having a quiet drink and a neighbor came over. We got to chatting and time got away. Before I knew it, it was late and my bottle of wine was gone. I drink Dry Farm Wines whenever I can, and since we were at home that’s what I was drinking. Otherwise, who knows how bad off I would have been. Of course, you can’t drink a whole bottle and expect that you will feel stellar the next day. I also neglected to take my activated charcoal like I normally do after drinking alcohol to absorb extra toxins. Alcohol of any type is toxic, and I like to avoid absorbing toxins whenever possible. Double whammy.

Dry Farm Wines are lower in alcohol and lab tested for quality. If you want to try it, go to www.dryfarmwines.com/nourishme to get an extra bottle added to your order for one penny!

So I did not feel my best on Saturday morning. I sat down and tapped at the keyboard, but nothing good came of it. Then it was time to take our kiddo to swimming lessons, so I gave up. After swimming lessons, I noticed an increase in a rash that had been growing on my little girl’s scalp. And, wait, was that a bug? So, after meeting a friend for lunch, we walked over to an urgent care clinic just to be sure what I was seeing wasn’t head lice.

It was. So we go straight to the pharmacy for what is basically creamed insecticide and a spray of the same flavor. I am devoutly opposed to using insecticides, antibacterial soaps, or toxic anything on the skin. The skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs these things. Plus we have a microbiome on our skin that keeps it healthy. It is important to be mindful of this balance. The stuff we use to kill insects is toxic by nature. It kills little critters! We hope we are using it in a dosage that it doesn’t kill us, but it does affect our nervous system and the microbiome of our skin and gut. This is bad stuff! And I slathered it on my baby girl’s head, sprayed it all over her bed and pillow, and every one of her hats, hair bows, tiaras, headbands, earphones, and anything else I knew had been close to her head. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry. All of her favorite stuffed toys, blankets, hats, hoodies, coats, bedding…everything got washed in hot and dried longer than necessary.

Yes, I feel bad about dousing my kid with insecticide. I don’t feel good about it at all. I really do walk my talk for the most part and the health of the microbiome is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I know there are home remedies out there for head lice. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar come to mind. But don’t tell me I’m the only one who freaks out a little at the thought of her little girl infested by a horde of tiny, itchy bugs and wants them gone. Now. There are times when I go for the big guns and use what the doctor suggested with full knowledge that I am doing some harm while I am solving my immediate problem.

That is the point of acquiring knowledge, right? The more you know the more you realize that everything you do has duality. Nothing is ever all right or all wrong. You do your best to solve the most important problem as effectively as possible. Then use your knowledge to repair whatever damage your solution may have caused. I know that the insecticide killed the natural flora in her scalp. This flora was probably stressed because of the presence of the lice as well. So, I used AO+ Mist from Mother Dirt to repopulate some of that good bacteria. We will all be getting an extra dose of fermented foods and other forms of probiotics in the next few weeks to hopefully remedy any damage we did to the flora in our guts as well.

So that is my story as to why there was no blog yesterday and why I am so late today. I’m proud of us for taking the problem in stride and not making her feel bad or dirty because she had lice. We showed her unconditional love, not heebie-jeebies. It isn’t her fault after all. Who knows where she picked it up. I’m guessing at her school where she was playing with some other kid’s headphones or the girls were playing dress up with a shared crown.

I hope we are on the other side of it and don’t have to worry about it again. I am thankful that she is blond with thin hair so running the nit comb through it and seeing the black bugs wasn’t overly difficult. I’m thankful that we have a powerful washer and dryer that did more than their share of work yesterday afternoon. I’m thankful for the knowledge and resources I possess which will help us recover from both the bugs and the insecticide with a minimum of fuss. And I hope that of everything I’ve written this isn’t the one that goes viral!

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