The Importance of a Morning Routine

While your early morning is the tiniest snippet of your day, one could argue that that tiny snippet can make or break you. What you do in the early morning hours sets you up for the entire day ahead. People are fond of saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I would say your morning routine is the most important endeavor of the day. Setting up a morning ritual that creates positivity, gratitude, and high vibrations can be the difference between having a great day or having an off day. It is like calibrating yourself for optimal performance.

The early morning is a great time for self-care practices that often get bumped off the calendar because you get busy later in the day. Instead of leaving self-care to the very end, do it right away in the morning. That’s right, set your alarm a tad earlier than usual and get up without pushing the snooze button. Not a morning person? I thought I wasn’t either. It turns out, I get my best writing done early in the morning. Get up and get going for yourself. Show up for you!

One valuable key to successful morning rituals is to leave the electronics off. Yep. No social media, news, email, or podcasts until after your ritual is completed. Does your morning routine involve reading the newspaper over coffee? Be aware of how that makes you feel. Does the news stress you out or make you feel helpless? If it does, save reading the newspaper for later in the morning. Maybe choose to journal or read a personal development book instead.

An effective morning routine is uplifting, grounding, empowering, or energizing. It fills your cup. What that means is up to you. Here are some ideas that you can use to create a positive morning:

  1. Journalling – Use the time while your coffee is brewing to freely write about your thoughts, goals, or desires. Try not to put limits or have expectations. Just see where your writing takes you.
  2. Gratitude practice – I personally do this one before I get out of bed in the morning. I think of at least three things I am grateful for. The key here is to let these things in so they can really fill you up. It is very hard to be negative when you are grateful.
  3. Coffee or tea and quiet reflection – I mindfully make my Bulletproof coffee every morning and then sit down to write. I have a friend who has her coffee in her sunroom while watching the sun come up. Taking time out to sit and think in peace is so rare and wonderful these days. You have to try it.
  4. Meditation – Morning is an excellent time to meditate. Most people find that their mind is quietest before the day has had a chance to bust in and play tricks. It is a fantastic time to get grounded. Never tried meditation? Head over to my meditation page or try one of the many meditation apps on the market.
  5. Exercise – Many people like to exercise early in the morning. If you have a tendency to get booked up later in the day and avoid exercising, the morning is an ideal time. I like to do some gentle movements early in the morning, like yoga, then I walk my child to school later in the morning. It’s great to get the blood flowing and you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

These ideas are only a start. I know some people who have extensive morning rituals that involve tea ceremonies, tonics, juices, beauty routines, you name it! As long as the routine puts you into a positive mindset, I don’t think you can go wrong. Come up with your own ideas to make your morning ritual epic!

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