First Random Daily Prompt Post

In an effort to increase my blogging frequency I have decided to respond to the Daily Prompt on WordPress at least on the days I don’t have ideas. I will still publish my regular blog on Monday which I will promote the same as always, but these will be little bonuses. I am upping my game from Weekly Blogger to Daily Blogger. Yes, I am very busy, thank you very much, but I am also dedicated. I’m planning on outworking the competition!

Today’s Daily Prompt is Percussive. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that was, “Yikes, maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow to respond.” Then I thought of striking…the heart chakra is Anahata in Sanskrit which means “unstruck”…the heart’s beat is undeniably percussive…I live my life from a heart-centered place, marching to the beat of my own internal drum and endeavor to inspire others to do the same in their own lives. In this way, we find our authenticity and begin the journey towards true, lasting health. It’s practically the backbone of my business. Yep, I can write about that.

Authenticity is one of the three intentions I have kept this year. In every decision I have made this year, I have asked myself if my choice was authentic to me. How do I feel about it in my gut? Does it comply with my priorities? Does it jibe with my mission? Whether or not it was practical or a “smart” decision, I trusted my true feelings and will continue to do so. Paulo Coelho calls this living according to your Personal Legend in his book The Alchemist. If you are living up to your Personal Legend you are living life on your own terms and not taking the opinions of others to heart. You are marching to your own drum regardless of practicality.

Think of a time when you have ignored your gut feeling or failed to follow your Personal Legend because it was not practical. How did you feel? Did it work out for you? Maybe it did for awhile, but I’m guessing you didn’t feel very good about it for long. There were probably some ‘what ifs’ or ‘if onlys’ involved. But you were practical, so there’s that. When you go with your gut, even if it doesn’t work out, you were true to yourself so you can feel good about it either way.

How can you implement this into your own life? The next time you are faced with a decision – it doesn’t have to be a monumental one, just deciding which coffee shop to go to will do – take a minute to connect with your gut. Use your intuition and let it guide you even if it doesn’t make sense. I recently decided to spend $275 more on professional photographs because I liked the photographer better. I wasn’t necessarily turned on by her photographs, although those were fantastic. I liked her personality better. I’m financing my own business start-up and am on a shoestring budget, so it doesn’t make any sense to spend extra money so frivolously. I feel good about the decision, however, so I’m going with it.

This was an awful lot of fun. And it feels authentic, so I think I will continue to submit these daily. I might not always respond to the Daily Prompt, but my goal is to start posting daily by the first of the year and this is a great way to get into the habit.

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via Daily Prompt: Percussive

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