Farmers Market Finds: Color

This week I went to the Black Hills Farmers Market on Thursday. This was the first time this year that I have gone during the week. The markets during the week are smaller but just as fruitful. So if you drive by and only see a few vendors, stop anyway because it is still worth it. If you are not in the Rapid City area you can still enjoy eating locally. Find a farmers market near you at There are so many benefits to eating local. It’s good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for you. You can also learn more about the Black Hills Farmers Market, featured in this blog, at Here is this week’s haul:


Snacking cucumbers, a Walla Walla onion, sweet corn, strawberries, cherries, kohlrabi, green and purple sweet peppers, a yellow tomato, and an Armenian cucumber. Not pictured are a bag of pickling cucumbers and Buffalo Berry jam.

For how few vendors that were there, I found a treasure trove of bright, colorful, exciting vegetables. Check out these tomatoes:

Then there was this display:


Look at those cute little striped eggplants! I can’t get over all of these colors!

These great berries, fruits, and veggies are already in use in my kitchen. My five-year-old and I devoured the sweet corn, snacking cucumbers, and strawberries within 24 hours. The cherries are half gone. I plan on making pickles out of the little cucumbers this week.

So, do you guys know what a kohlrabi is? It’s these guys right here:


I love these things. They are in the family of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale. Common in Germany, they are very good sliced and eaten raw or pickled. First, peel away the fibrous outer layer as it is not readily digestible. Then, slice and enjoy! The leaves are also great sauteed with some garlic and olive oil.

Do you love a bit of jam on your toast in the morning or with your tea? I love this display of colors:


These are tester jars from the Deb’s Downhome Delights booth. You see? There really is something for everyone at the Farmers Market. I’m definately going back next week and hope to see you there!

I have had some comments about the sudden change in my subject matter from mindset to Farmers Market fodder. No, I haven’t given up posting about mindset and motivation topics. Here’s how the two seemingly very different topics are related. First, nutrition and mindset are my two favorite subjects, so that’s what I like to blog about. Second, food affects everything. How you eat affects your physical body, your emotions, your motivation, and generally how you feel everyday. Think about how you feel after you eat a big meal at a fast food restaurant or after a late night out drinking with friends. Sluggish, unmotivated, slow, and bloated are words that come to mind. Now, imagine how you would feel if you ate locally grown, fresh, crispy veggies. It’s called eating clean for a reason. What you put in your body affects every cell in every system. Your body is constantly rebuilding and repairing itself using the building blocks provided by the food you eat. If your energy is low or you just don’t feel well, try changing what you eat. Food purchased from the person who grew it literally raises your energy level. You feel good, the vendor feels good, the food makes you feel even better…it’s a win all the way around. 

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