First, You Need a Plan

Here’s my plan: A weekly post about what’s going on in my head. How difficult is it to contain what is going on in my head into a coherent blog? Well, this plan started in June of 2016. It has been rattling around, waiting to surface, since then. I’m pretty much the same on the outside, but I’ve had a complete remodel on the inside. More about that later. In fact, a lot more because formulating positive inner dialog is where I found coherency in what I wanted to blog. A theme!

Mainly, I want to talk about mindset. I have come to understand that I create my reality. No really, all that outside stuff is just a reflection of what I’m putting out there. No one makes me feel a certain way. A crisis is only a crisis if I chose to be a victim. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or tired, it means I haven’t set my boundaries and I need to take better care of myself. If someone is being nasty or judgemental towards me, I need to ask myself what about me is nasty or judgemental. So much more about that to come.

My intention is “Be present. Be grateful. Be authentic.” It is my compass and my litmus test. Whenever I’m in doubt, I come back to my intention and it shows me the way. The process of formulating a life intention is a fantastic place to start finding center. It helps uncover what is important and who you are underneath all of the masks (because we all wear them). I’m here to talk about living from center, then donning wings and spreading them wide. Hence “DonWings”. It’s also a play on my name, if you hadn’t noticed that.

So, a blog about mindset, grounding, centering, meditation, loving yourself, self-care, and expanding from your center so you can share your wonderful, authentic self with others. Branching out from my weekly post, I might add a bonus about a health topic, a mindset or meditation exercise, something from the yoga world, a kitchen gadget that is especially fantastic, a recipe, a post from a friend with some kind of expertise, or a thought provoking book that I’m reading.

Basically, I am putting something out there for the sake of starting somewhere, and we’ll see where it goes. It all starts next week! Welcome!

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